"Spirit of Ned Rides On Taking No Prisoners"

The following article by Paul Appelkamp appeared in “The Northern Star” paper on 17th September 2012.

THE first Casino Truck Show surpassed organiser’s expectations.

They hoped 50 trucks would roll into town for the show and were blown away when as many as 90 trucks turned up on Saturday.

“It’s blown us out of the water,” Casino Beef Week president and truck show organiser Stuart George said.

“Being our first year, we didn’t know how many were going to turn up, but they’ve come from Brisbane, Moree, down south, Sydney and just about everywhere.”

Shortly after 11am, a convoy of 90 trucks drove through Casino before heading to the Primex site where the public could marvel at them up close.

Truck owner Andrew McSweeney drove his pride and joy - a 1993 Western Star covered in pictures of infamous outlaw Ned Kelly - from Brisbane for the show.

“(The paint job) cost me a fortune,” he said. “I can’t tell you how much because my missus might see it in the paper.”

The truck was airbrushed a year ago and Mr McSweeney said its new look generated business for him.

“We don’t spend a fortune on advertising - the whole truck is a mobile billboard,” he said.

“If you take pride in your truck, it looks better on the road for you and your clients.”

Another proud truck owner who took part in the parade was Jon Kelly from Heavy Haulage Australia.

“We’ve got two full-time detailers and a third bloke to clean them,” he said.

“Whenever I had my trucks on the road when I was first kicking off, they were always kept really, really nice. So, as I grew, I’ve always wanted to maintain that standard.”

And truckies’ efforts did not go unnoticed with judges at the show.

Winners across more than 30 categories, including Best Rig, were awarded prizes.

The truck show was organised under the Casino Beef Week banner but deliberately held at a different time of year in an attempt to make Casino Beef Week more sustainable.