We’ve all seen some pretty cool paint jobs on cars and trucks on the road, but could this Australian Western Star be the coolest one out there?

Everyone meet Ned Kelly, the pride and joy of ScuzzTrans Container Transport’s owner, Andrew McSweeney. ScuzzTrans is a south east Queensland based company that specializes in towing B-Doubles and carrying containers and general freight. They service the Port of Brisbane with their fleet of 10 trucks 24/7, offering side-loader and drop-trailer deliveries, live unloads, and much more.

Andrew McSweeney is the sole driver and mechanic for this Australian-designed 1993 Heritage 5900 series. Underneath the hood, or bonnet as it’s called down under, lies a C15 Caterpillar 1,000 HP engine and an 18 speed double over 22,000 gear box. All that horsepower is very extreme and very rare compared to the standard 500-600 HP.

There are 3.4 million km on this big guy, which equates to about 2.1 million miles! Even with this much distance under Ned Kelly’s belt, there’s hope to get another 10 years out of him. After knowing all that, if you’re still wondering why McSweeney went with a Western Star, he said, “I have always liked Western Stars, and I believe it is a name I can trust. They’ve never let me down.”

The Famous Australian Bush Ranger, Ned Kelly

Here’s a little history on Ned Kelly. According to ScuzzTrans, he was arguably one of the best known bush rangers in Australia, born in the mid-1800?s. He formed the Kelly Gang with his brother, Dan Kelly, Steve Hart, and Joe Bryne.
Kelly held an entire town hostage in the famous siege at Glenrowan. After the June 27, 1880 murder of Aaron Sherrit, a police informer, Kelly’s gang was anticipating a large number of policemen to travel to Glenrowan by train. They tried to get the townspeople to derail the train in the hope that the police would be killed. Not many were willing to help, so they were rounded up by the gang so they couldn’t warn the inbound train.

Local school teacher, Thomas Curnow, was one of the trusted hostages, so he was allowed to go home at nightfall. When he heard the train in the early morning of June 28, he ran to warn them about the danger. Wearing their famous armor, the Kelly brothers held a shootout with police. Several hostages were shot and killed, and the other Kelly gang members were killed. Ned was shot 28 times in the legs, which were unprotected by his armor.

He survived to stand trial and was sentenced to death by hanging, which occurred in Melbourne on November 11, 1880.

ScuzzTrans in the Public Eye

After hearing that story, it’s no wonder Andrew McSweeney wanted the baddest truck around. The modifications have taken about 2 years, including the artwork that was done by Exquisite Air Brushing. And there’s still more to be done. When Star Nation asked Andrew what he enjoys most about his Star, he replied, “I’m living the dream. I like to take it out on the road and to shows so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do.”

And trust us, everyone around is enjoying the truck. It has been hired out for weddings, parties, and even a few school formals. People love getting their pictures taken with the truck.

ScuzzTrans is definitely doing it right. They’re involved in raising money for foundations such as the Cancer Fund, White Balloon Day which raises money for sexually abused children, Camp Quality which raises money for sick children, Convoy for Kids and the Leukemia Foundation. They even donate the use of the truck and driver for people going through financial hardships.

Recently, ScuzzTrans made a dream come true for a local Regency Downs resident, Xavier Brown. Xavier is a young boy facing a degenerative disease, and he has an undeniable love for trucks. Upon hearing about his story, Andrew McSweeney took him for the ride of his life in the famous Western Star. The ride definitely had a positive impact on Xavier, and he will surely never forget it.

It’s no surprise that ScuzzTrans’ success is built on their true passion for helping others. Everyone in the Queensland trucking business knows McSweeney for his famous quotes: “Living the dream”, “If it don’t shine, it ain’t mine”, and “Happy as a box of birds.” We’d say it definitely pays to know the ScuzzTrans team!

To find out more about ScuzzTrans Container Transport and about this awesome Western Star, check out their website and Facebook page.

By Editor-in-Chief for StarNation.com
Published August 26, 2013