Dreams Come TrueASK most little boys if they like trucks and the answer is usually a resounding yes. In that way, five-year-old Xavier Brown is just like other boys.

Unlike other five-year-olds, Xavier is battling a condition called Charai Malformation, a degenerative disease that paralyses by compressing the spinal cord.

When truck driver Andrew McSweeney heard Xavier’s story, he offered to make it all happen.

“You have to keep living the dream. If you can help someone else, you do it,” Mr McSweeney said.

Xavier was collected from his Regency Downs home by Andrew’s son Chris in his purple Western Star for the short trip to Fernvale, where he came face-to-face with “Ned Kelly”, Andrew’s hardworking custom Western Star prime mover, and went for the ride of his life.

Climbing awe-struck into the cab, Xavier made the most of his ride, including using the air horns to announce the truck’s arrival.

Eventually stepping down, Xavier summed it up in a word.


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