Country music star Jayne Denham is proud to announce her partnership with renowned transport company ScuzzTrans. The Queensland based business who specialise in transporting shipping containers are also well known for their award winning flagship Western Star truck ‘NED’. This head turner is a symptom of Scuzzy’s passion for trucks and his transport business. It’s this combined passion which brought Jayne and the ScuzzTrans team together.

“I was thinking about doing a new truckin’ song release when (Scuzzy) Andrew McSweeney and his wife Helen came to me with an offer to partner together and sponsor me so I could get the wheels back on the road after taking time out”, says Jayne.

Without giving too much away till all is launched shortly, there will be new songs, a hot new video clip featuring the “NED KELLY” truck, plus lots more exciting announcements to come just around the corner.

With a motto like ‘You care so we care’, ScuzzTrans owners Helen and Andrew (Scuzzy) McSweeney were looking to make an impact in the transport industry and Jayne was the perfect match for their campaign, “The ScuzzTrans team feel very proud and honoured to be given the opportunity to work with Jayne Denham in the next chapter of her music career”, says Andrew & Helen McSweeney.

With existing sponsorship from Wickham Freight Lines, Jayne’s passion for the people who keep our country moving is more ignited than ever. “I have been very blessed to have Wickham Freight Lines as a major sponsor and to be working with yet another top shelf company like ScuzzTrans, I couldn’t be happier’, says Jayne.

Expect to see Jayne on the road for the next 12 months with special guest, Ned, The Western Star Truck appearing at each event.

So keep an eye on this highway because Jayne Denham is back & if you think she was ‘Renegade’ before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!